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Contact Details - 07979188997 or

A little bit about me...

I have 25+ yrs running experience, taking part in all distances from 5k to marathons both on & off-road, including summer & winter league events. In 2007 I have become involved in triathlon and have competed in all distances from sprint to Ironman.
I come from a teaching background having taught in secondary schools for over 15 years, where I have thoroughly enjoyed working with young people, helping them achieve academic & vocational success. During the last 4yrs of teaching I had the opportunity to build up my coaching experience; including adults as well as youths and came to realise this is my passion. 
I love the feeling that sport & physical activity can give you, mentally as well as physically. I really value the effect being active has on my mental well-being, and I delight in seeing others feel that way too. I want to help young & old people alike find their Formula 4 Fitness for life.
Since the launch of Formula 4 Fitness & F4F Events I have had the priviledge to work with a wide range of people in group & individual scenarios. I have creating 2 endurance events as well as a trail running event and I am currently developing Women's Health & Fitness Days.
I love the diversity my work brings, and am thoroughly enjoying working with others be it in a coaching training capacity or a colaboration for events. 

Qualifications & CPD



PGCE Secondary Education - 1998

UKA - Athletics Coach - April - 2015

British Triathlon Federation - Level 2 Triathlete Coach - April 2015

Emergency First Aid - 2015

Level 2 Safeguarding - 2015

Inclusion of participants with Diabetes - Jan 2016

Nutrition for Training and Competing - Feb 2016 

British Triathlon Federation - Strength & Conditioning - Oct 2017

British Triathlon Federation - Skills School - Nov 2017

British Triathlon Federation - Skills School MTB - Feb 2018

9 REPs - Attendance at International Fitness Showcase, incluidng Lectures & Practical Sessions on; Spinning, Pilates, Pelvic Floor & Expectant Mother Pilates Lectures. March 2018 & 2019

Women in Sport Conference - Stafford University - June 2018

T3 training - Train Fitness Augusy 2019

British Triathlon Federation - Level 2 Dip Triathlete Coach - Oct 2019

UKAD Accredited Advisor - Oct 2019


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