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Formula 4 Fitness is all about getting people active, and there is more than one formula for that. I have a wide range of experience and qualifications, enabling me to work with all ages and abilities, from schools & clubs to individuals either beginning their fitness journey or seasoned runner/triathletes looking to focus their efforts.


Blog - 

find out what my friends and I are getting up to while training and preparing for big events and challenges. 


F4F Events - 

Ithroughout the year Formula 4 Fitness is a UK Athletics affiliate company which makes me eligible to organise running events. To date I have 3 in-house events;  Kegworth Long Land Dash, The Windy Long One and The Night Trail - have a look at the events pages to find more information and how you can enter.


I am also available to be hired as Race Director for an event you may wish to host - this year includes the Whatton House Challenge. If you have something interesting in mind for 2018 please get in touch.


Schools, Groups & Clubs current provision includes, Run Fitness, Pilates, School PE and Afterschool Athletics/Cross Country clubs, Activity Sessions for Housing Associations. Diversity is the spice of life and Fitness is the order of the day! If you have a club, society or community group that would benefit from a formula 4 fitness session then please get in touch at unalaceyf4f@icloud.com


Personal Training this can be in the format of a 1:1 session built about your needs and goals or in the form of a Training Plan. The Training Plan will be planned exclusively for a specific run or triathlon goal and will be created around you, your lifestyle & current level of fitness. Having someone do the thinking and planning for you can help reduce the stress and anxiety of venturing into new events and distances.


Still not sure if Formula 4 Fitness is for you, then get in touch and have a chat.

A little bit about me...

I have 25+ yrs running experience, taking part in all distances from 5k to marathons both on & off-road. I have also represented my running club in summer & winter league events. My favourite running distance is the 1/2 marathon. In 2007 I have become involved in triathlon, again I have competed in all distances from sprint to Ironman.
My goals for 2016 were Ironman 70.3 in Staffordshire & The Long Course Weekend in Tenby. 
In 2017 they were to launch a major multi day triathlon The Windy Long One. This year - 2018 I plan to consolidate my own personal fitness to enable me to go long again in 2019, and use what I have learnt from 'The Windy Long One' in its sister event "Bala 2 Belvoir'. 
I come from a teaching background having taught in secondary schools for over 15 years, where I have thoroughly enjoyed working with young people, helping them achieve academic & vocational success. During the last 4yrs of teaching I had the opportunity to build up my coaching experience; including adults as well as youths and came to realise this is my passion. 
I love the feeling that sport & physical activity can give you, mentally as well as physically. I really value the effect being active has on my mental well-being, and I delight in seeing others feel that way too. I want to help young and old people alike find their Formula 4 Fitness for life.
Over the last three years I have had the priviledge to work with a wide range of people in group & individual scenarios. This includes; afterschool athletics, Health & Well-being days in schools, mix ability Pilates classes, intense Hiit Sessions, 1:1 PT sessions & remote coaching for running & triathlon. I love the diversity my work brings.

Qualifications & CPD



PGCE Secondary Education - 1998

UKA - Athletics Coach - April - 2015

British Triathlon Federation - Level 2 Triathlete Coach - April 2015

Emergency First Aid - 2015

Level 2 Safeguarding - 2015

Inclusion of participants with Diabetes - Jan 2016

Nutrition for Training and Competing - Feb 2016 

British Triathlon Federation - Skills School - Nov 2017

British Triathlon Federation - SKills School MTB - Feb 2018

6 REPs - Attendance at International Fitness Showcase, incluidng Lectures & Practical Sessions on; Spinning, Pilates, Pelvic Floor & Expectant Mother Pilates Lectures. March 2018



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