Women's Health & Fitness Day

Sunday 10th Feb 2019

Thrumpton Hall

A Little Extra Information...

  • There will be 4 practical sessions, while there are no shower facilties there is plenty of space to allow for you to change cothing so you are comfortable throughout the day.
  • Mats can be provided - please mention at the time of booking that you will need one and it can be arranged.
  • Thrumpton Hall is a beautiful setting; the discussions & practical sessions are held in the Pavillion,  lunch & refreshements at the end of the day will be in the Hall & we will be able to enjoy the gardens during the breaks in the day.
  • Lunch will be a healthy, nutritious meal to suitably fuel the practical sessions. The menu will be created through the collaboration of Cat Wynne - our nutritionalist for the day & Thrumpton Hall's Head Chef. There will be no dessert offered at this time as we are concisous of how this can affect the afternoon sessions. There will however be the opportunity to reward yourself for your hard days work at the refreshment break at the end of the day. Similaly there will be no alochol at lunch - but you will be offered a glass of 'something interesting' at the end of the day, there will also be the Thrumpton Hall bar available to us.
  • Postcode for the venue is NG11 0AX
  • Cost for the Health & Fitness Day is £125.
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