Formula 4 Fitness - Personal Training

Whether you are new to fitness or have lost your motivation I have help you find your formula 4 fitness. I offer all new clients a free 30min consultation where we talk about what you want to get out of the sessions and I assess current levels of fitness and activity. From there we plan what type of activities you would like to try.


As a regular client I would review your sessions and the progress you are making to ensure they are still meeting your goals.

General Fitness Session

I can offer a variety of experiences to suit your fitness and interests. Sessions can be Aerobic; walking, running, cycling  (equipment hire available), Anerobic or ABC (Agility, Balance & Coordination).


Aerobic Sessions - long bouts of excercise at a pace that is comfortable for you which will help burn fat and build endurance.


Anerobic Sessions - Interval sessions aimed to make you faster.


ABC - resistant weights and postural drill work. 


All sessions will include appropraite warm up & cool down, be tailored to suit your level of fitness but progressive so that you achieve your fitness goals.

Run or Tri Specific Session

Just starting out, a one-off glory goal or a seasoned runner/triathlete who needs a bit of a boost (or simply a training buddy). I am happy to work with your own training plan or write one for you. You decide the sessions you want me to focus on... swim, bike, run, tempo, hill, technique, (all of the above!).


Sometimes working full or part-time as well as trying to plan your training can be stressful and confusing. Let me take that stress away - you just turn up and put in the effort!


Prices & Packages

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